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Selected among 12 nominees


Staff writer

Twelve nominees were honored and celebrated for their volunteerism and dedication to making Calvert County a better place at Tuesday’s annual Calvert You Are Beautiful awards ceremony, and this year, the award went to Dave “Spiggy” Spigler for his various volunteer efforts.

Calvert You Are Beautiful, hosted by Calvert County Department of Economic Development, is a means for recognizing individuals whose volunteerism improves the quality of life in Calvert County.

“A friend of mine once told me, ‘Spiggy, you will win a beauty contest when pigs fly,’” Spigler said as he pulled a toy pig with wings hanging from a string out of a large, brown paper bag. “I brought this just in case,” he said, as the pig swirled around as though flying in a circle.

Spigler, of Lusby, is a former Washington Redskins Hoggette and a member of the Spiggy and Friends organization, which helps Spigler put on local events to raise money for various charities.

During his acceptance speech, Spigler explained he didn’t know that his friends Maritrese Nash and Carl and Cinda Raley nominated him for the award until the Calvert County Board of County Commissioners sent him a letter inviting him, as a nominee, to attend the awards ceremony.

“I never, ever wanted this for myself,” Spigler said during a brief interview after the ceremony. “It’s always Spiggy’s Friends. I have my wife [Deborah] here; I had to bring her in — there’s no way I’d get away without acknowledging her. ... The one thing I wanted to say [during his speech] is: Without friends, you can’t do anything.”

According to Nash’s and the Raleys’ nominations, over the last 20 years, Spiggy and Friends has raised more than $750,000 for Children’s National Medical Center and other local charities.

“His energy and commitment to family and community are endless, whether it is revitalizing the Lusby Knights of Columbus while serving several times as Grand Knight, leading fundraising events to support the American Legion, serving as a leader at Our Lady Star of the Sea, leading fundraisers for Our Lady Star of the Sea Elementary School, or myriad [of] other activities,” the Raleys’ nomination states.

“... Dave’s greatest asset is his heart and his desire to help others, which he has done continuously in the 30 years we have known him,” the nomination continues. “He gives generously the most valuable gift a person has: time.”

During Spigler’s acceptance speech, he pointed out that he isn’t the only one receiving the Calvert You Are Beautiful award because he couldn’t have done it all without his wife, Deborah.

“This is truly the really beautiful person in Calvert County,” Spigler said, requesting his wife join him at the podium. “Everything I’ve done these 44 years, she’s been right there. ... Everything you’ve heard in those two letters, she was a part of that. Probably a bigger part than you would ever know.”

But after Spigler thanked everyone, he turned his attention to his fellow Calvert You Are Beautiful nominees.

“I want to talk to the other nominees,” Spigler said. “You are beautiful. There is no doubt in any of our minds: You are beautiful, too. What makes Calvert County the county it is, is all the beautiful people like you that do so many good works here.”

Calvert You Are Beautiful nominees

On Tuesday, during Calvert You Are Beautiful’s awards ceremony, all 12 nominees were recognized, honored and celebrated for volunteering their time to make Calvert County a better place. They include:

• Sandy Artz, nominated by Laurie Walker on behalf of Patuxent Habitat for Humanity;

• David G. Chaney, nominated by Diana S. Worth;

• Christa Conant, nominated by Laurie Walker on behalf of Patuxent Habitat for Humanity;

• Barbara Fetterhoff, nominated by Debora Harris on behalf of the League of Women Voters of Calvert County;

• Mabel Grau, nominated by Jean Radeackar on behalf of The Calvert Well Pet Clinic;

• Carole Harden-Haas, nominated by Trisha Gipson on behalf of Project ECHO;

• Richard “Dick” Hu, nominated by Laurie Walker on behalf of Patuxent Habitat for Humanity;

• George R. Leah Jr., nominated by Nancy W. Zinn;

• Eileen McVey, nominated by Herb Reed;

• James “Jim” McVey, nominated by Herb Reed;

• Pamela “Pam” J. Moreland, nominated by Ramona Mejia on behalf of Calvert Hospice; and

• Dave “Spiggy” Spigler, nominated by Maritrese Nash and Carl and Cinda Raley