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Waldorf resident Greg Waller is the first member of the Charles County Democratic Central Committee to file to retain his seat for the 2014 election.

Waller has been involved with the committee since 2006 and is running for a second full term. This time, Waller said, he is inspired by what he said is President Barack Obama’s commitment to unity.

“I’m trying to follow a lot of the president’s vision and values he has out there. He wants us to work together. He wants us to be able to get along ... and I don’t have to tell you right now that with the politicians currently in office, we have some concerns,” Waller said.

“Charles County is a wonderful place. I’ve worked and lived here for 35 years,” he added.

Despite every elected office in Charles County being held by Democrats, Waller said he believes there still is some work left to be done.

“Having all Democrats is one thing, but I don’t think that solves all the problems,” Waller said. “We have to work across party lines because this country belongs to all of us. Just because they belong to a different party ... doesn’t mean they don’t have good ideas. We need to ... tap into what everybody’s needs are.”

In the past, Waller has worked closely with the campaign for Obama in the county. Waller also has a long-standing history of working with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1900, for which he used to serve as executive board chairman and vice president.

“When you’re a union member, you always want to make sure that your rights are protected, that you have a voice at the table,” Waller said. “That translates out into the community because a lot of the time that’s what elected officials are supposed to do, be that voice. It’s kind of natural for a union leader.”

In the next election cycle, Waller said he hopes to see the county become united. He cited traffic, water and schools as among the major concerns.

“I think the current elected officials are doing a wonderful job with the task at hand,” Waller said.

Waller also has helped to coordinate campaign opportunities for those interested in coming to the county to speak, and “gets the information out to all the clubs.” Aside from his union involvement, Waller said he also is involved in the county’s Democratic clubs, along with the Southern Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce, Tri-County COPE and the Charles County chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

“I explained to my wife when election time comes, I’m gone,” Waller said. “I’m at home on the computer, on the phone or out in the tri-county area. I feel if you live in a community, it’s your role and responsibility to try and help people out. My wife tells me, ‘Unbelievable. You go out to eat, and it gets political,’ but to me it’s not about the politics. I don’t mind giving back. I love Charles County.”

The central committee interviews and appoints candidates for vacant Charles County commissioner seats, and also works to promote Democratic ideals in the community. Members and candidates for the committee only run in the primary election.