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Friends of the late Ann Maggi presented a check to Mother Virginia Marie of the Mount Carmel Monastery on Sept. 23.

The group wished to show their gratitude for the prayers the nuns had offered at the request of Maggi.

Maggi was well-known in the community as a loving, caring person who had many talents, among which was her passion for art, according to a news release.

When she died in December 2011, she left behind many paintings.

Her family decided to let her friends sell her artwork and donate the money to the monastery.

Her friends were delighted that they could use Maggi’s talents in a meaningful way and knew this would meet with her approval.

They were pleased to present a substantial donation to the nuns, the release states.

There still are some paintings available that have been donated to the gift shop at the monastery.

They can be purchased with the proceeds going to the Mount Carmelite nuns.