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I read in The Calvert Recorder that former delegate Sue Kullen (D) has announced her candidacy to take back her seat in Calvert County [“Kullen announces run for state delegate seat representing Calvert,” Sept. 6].

As a small business owner, I can’t imagine a worse outcome than to have Kullen back in office to pursue her liberal agenda. In the article, she states two things I feel are important to note: She states that the environment is her primary concern, and that her colleagues didn’t appreciate her silence on being criticized for her public record. I can understand why they wouldn’t appreciate it when we take a look at one of the major bills she wanted to inflict upon Calvert County residents and its businesses.

Take HB 1350 of 2007, what one could also infer was Kullen’s version of a “rain tax.” Among other things, the bill would have imposed a $1,000-per-square-foot “impact fee” on non-tidal disturbances had it become law. I’ll put this in practical terms: If a new homeowner requires a small gravel driveway, 12 feet wide by 25 feet long, that crosses a non-tidal wetland, under Kullen’s bill, the tax would have been $300,000.

To me, this is outright theft of property rights.

In another example, a longtime homeowner in St. Leonard intends to build a 12-by-20-foot shed. This property seems to have only one logical location — in non-tidal wetlands. Consequently, the tax on the shed would have been $240,000.

As a practical matter, only the very rich could afford to build a new home or home improvement in Calvert County. As a small business owner, wife and mother in Calvert County, I believe this bill would have caused further harm to Maryland’s anti-business reputation. The impact of this bill wouldn’t have just ended with a foreclosure sign. The bill would have harmed many other businesses, such as farmers, builders, electricians, plumbers, landscapers, engineers and hardware stores.

Kullen’s views of the world are not consistent with the values of Calvert County. And when you scratch the surface of her intentions, one has to wonder who is really being served here: the residents of Calvert County, or liberals like Kullen who intend to control more and more of our life, property and tax dollars.

While she may reside in Calvert, HB 1350 should be a reminder to all that Kullen votes with Montgomery County.

Amy Dent, St. Leonard