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So the federal government is shut down. We have needed to get rid of all the high-paid folks in Congress for a long time. Too bad our hands are tied, and we can’t vote them all out.

I don’t have much sympathy. Yes, the government workers will be without a pay for a few days.

But they will have a few days off and then actually get paid later. I worked for the government for 37 years, and a few times I was furloughed. However, I did get paid for the time off. The government could save some money.

I loved the benefits, and I am still loving the benefits. When I went to work on a commuter bus, at the end of the month I got paid for coming to work. If you took Metro, a vanpool or a bus you got reimbursed to go to work. We left early many times for something going on in the city or the weather.

I pay a very small portion of my health insurance. I’m retired; the government picks up the tab. So I can’t complain about the benefits.

But I sure could tell the government how to save a lot of money. And government employees, you may be furloughed now and have a few days off, but you will get paid later (and have gotten time off for it).

Conney Cox, La Plata