Dogs kill dozens of animals on Indian Bridge Road -- Gazette.Net


Two dogs killed chickens, ducks and goats at a small farm last Thursday off Indian Bridge Road in California. Those dogs were still at large as of Tuesday, the St. Mary’s County supervisor of animal control reported.

Emily Skelly said she wanted to let others know that the dogs are still loose to keep small children in the area safe.

When she returned home from running errands Thursday, Skelly said she found the pen holding chickens broken into with all 23 chickens killed. Another eight free-roaming, egg-laying chickens were dead out in the yard, with others mortally injured. Five free-roaming ducks and the family’s two goats were also killed.

“This was the first year we were raising goats for meat,” Skelly said. “Our goats were also free-range since they loved the kids and would constantly escape from their pen to play with them.” The family’s children are 5, 4 and 2, she said.

After she returned home and found all 38 of the dead animals, she on the phone to contact the county’s animal control office, and she saw two dogs run through her yard and into the woods behind the goat pen.

One of the dogs was a rust-colored golden retriever/lab mix wearing a red- or maroon-colored collar. The other was a gray pit bill with cropped ears, wearing a green bandana, she said.

Armed, Skelly and her husband, Kevin, chased after the dogs and the sheriff’s office and animal control responded to say they would patrol the area. Animal control placed a dog trap on the property.

“I don’t think he’s found them yet,” Tony Malaspina, supervisor of animal control, said Tuesday morning of one of his wardens. “We’re still looking — it’s a lot of area.” The Skellys live across from the Elizabeth Hills subdivision, a new neighborhood still under construction, on southern Indian Bridge Road. The Cecil’s Mill neighborhood is nearby.

“I am terrified for my remaining animals, but more so for my children,” Skelly said. “I am scared to death that these animals are going to come back and this time hurt one of my kids.”

She added, “I don’t want to take a gun with me every time I go outside. I can’t sit and wait for them to come back. I need to raise my kids and keep them safe, and I hate being afraid all the time.”