Brentwood adds do-it-all council member -- Gazette.Net


Jennifer Kravassi of Brentwood is an investigator, artist, biologist and community activist. Now, she can add “government official” to her eclectic resume.

Kravassi, 44, was sworn into Brentwood’s council in an Oct. 15 town meeting, filling the seat left open due to Mayor Betty-Jean Schmiedigen’s Sept. 11 resignation.

Mayor E. James Cooksey, previously the vice mayor, said Kravassi was appointed with the council’s approval because of her diverse background and her ability to connect with Brentwood residents.

“She kind of fits in with everybody in the neighborhood,” Cooksey said.

Kravassi, a musician and painter, is a member of the Prince George’s County Gateway Arts District.

She is currently a retail fraud investigator and previously worked as an environmental consultant.

“I’m sort of a jack-of-all-trades. I like to stay busy and I like to continually learn,” Kravassi said.

Margaret Boozer-Strother, an eight-year Brentwood resident, said she knows Kravassi through work in the Gateway Arts District and her community as the two helped campaign for the current council, which ousted five incumbents in the May 7 election.

“She’s smart, active, pays attention and gets involved,” she said. “... She’s invested in this town.”

Jeff Clark, a former councilman who expressed interest in the open seat, said he was happy with Kravassi’s selection.

Clark said her judgement will benefit Brentwood.

“She is somebody that has a high level of integrity and intelligence,” Clark said.

Cooksey said Kravassi gives the town an additional council member who could help the town as it builds its police department.

Kravassi and Councilwoman Rocio Treminio-Lopez — a member of Edmonston’s police department — will bring valuable perspectives given their backgrounds, he said.

“With the two of them, they’d make a great asset to the Brentwood Police Department,” Cooksey said.

Cooksey, the only council member to have served multiple terms with Brentwood, said he was optimistic about his revamped team.

“They were inexperienced, but they’re fitting in real well. Everybody seems to come together,” Cooksey said.

Kravassi, who moved to Brentwood in 2010, said she was looking forward to the opportunity to serve on Brentwood’s council.

“We have so much to offer and so much potential in a relatively small community,” Kravassi said.