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One of Rep. John Delaney’s first major pieces of legislation, aimed at funding improvements to America’s infrastructure, continues to move along through the legislative process, gathering support from members of both parties in the House of Representatives and coming close to a similar achievement in the Senate.

Delaney’s bill would create new infrastructure bonds and try to attract corporate investments by allowing companies to repatriate some overseas earnings without taxes if they buy bonds.

Delaney believes the bill would result in a way to fund infrastructure projects without any federal appropriations.

The bill has attracted co-sponsors in the House from both parties, Delaney said on Oct. 21.

According to a Library of Congress database, the bill had gained 22 Democratic co-sponsors and 24 Republican co-sponsors.

Delaney (D-Dist. 6) of Potomac said it was also close to getting bipartisan support in the Senate.

It’s also gotten support from chambers of commerce, labor groups and more than 30 transportation groups, Delaney said.

The bill was recently discussed at a forum Delaney attended that was sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute and Third Way, which promotes moderate policy ideas through “pragmatic solutions and principled compromise.”

The bill has been assigned to the House’s Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

The committee process for the bill was slowed by the 16-day government shutdown, but he’s pleased with the progress it’s made, Delaney said.