Rockville bids farewell to Marcuccio, Hall -- Gazette.Net


Monday night was the last meeting of the Rockville Mayor and Council ahead of the election, and officials took time out to thank two of their own for their service over the past term.

Mayor Phyllis Marcuccio served on the council from 2005 to 2009, and as mayor from 2009 to the present. Councilman John F. Hall Jr. served on the council from 2001 to 2005, and again from 2011 to the present. Neither is seeking re-election.

Both Marcuccio and Hall thanked the city for its support.

“You have given me a great honor in allowing me to return to service, and I appreciate it,” Hall said.

Marcuccio noted some accomplishments during her tenure, including better cooperation with other area governments, a new grocery store in Town Center and saving RedGate Golf Course.

“Most of everything that is going on right now started during the time I have been in office,” she said.

The Mayor and Council adopted resolutions recognizing both Marcuccio and Hall for their service, and city staff shared farewell videos produced by Rockville 11.

The Mayor and Council also took final votes on historic designation for a West End property and making some changes to the Adequate Public Facilities Standards.

They voted 3-2 to designate 628 Great Falls Road as historic, with Councilmembers Mark Pierzchala, Bridget Donnell Newton and Hall voting in favor of the designation. The property is owned by the Rockville, Maryland, Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. A neighbor recommended the property for historic designation, but the congregation opposed it over concerns that it could interfere with plans to expand their facilities.

They also voted to amend the city’s APFS to make some clarifications in the language and some changes, such as allowing certain uses deemed to have minimum impact on public facilities to be exempt from schools and traffic tests, according to Mayor and council documents.. A previous suggestion to add waiver provisions to the standards was left off the table in the final vote. All voted for the changes except Marcuccio, who abstained from the vote.