Rockville elections board closes books on anonymous fliers -- Gazette.Net


Rockville’s elections board has decided no corrective action is needed over anonymous fliers distributed in King Farm ahead of the city elections.

The city’s Board of Supervisors of Elections met Wednesday and concluded that Echo Lin, a King Farm resident who distrubuted the fliers, was within her rights to publish them anonymously.

Following an extensive discussion and an executive session to discuss legal issues surrounding the fliers, the Board of Supervisors of Elections concluded that anonymous speech by an individual is permitted, said Lois Neuman, board chairwoman.

“We saw no need for corrective action at this time,” Neuman said. “... We’re not pursuing it any further.”

Lin said during an Oct. 28 Mayor and Council meeting that she made and distributed the fliers, which advocated voting for candidates Bridget Donnell Newton, Don Hadley and Claire Marcuccio Whitaker as the ones who would best preserve the city’s Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance.

Max van Balgooy, campaign manager for the Team Rockville slate, filed a complaint with the board over possible violations of the city’s elections rules. The slate is made up of Mark Pierzchala, Beryl L. Feinberg, Tom Moore, Virginia Onley and Julie Palakovich Carr. After Lin came forward and said she acted alone, however, van Balgooy said he did not have a problem with her distrubuting the fliers.

Neuman said the board may look at clarifying the city’s rules about anonymous campaign fliers after the election is over.