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Rockville voters today will select their Mayor and Council for the next two years.

The polls opened at 7 a.m., and as of about 10 a.m., City Clerk Doug Barber said no voting problems had been reported.

Outside the King Farm polling place, Steve Woehrle, treasurer for Tom Moore and the Team Rockville slate, said that turnout had been light. The slate includes mayoral candidate Mark Pierzchala, and council candidates Moore, Beryl L. Feinberg, Virginia Onley and Julie Palakovich Carr.

Woehrle said most people were not looking for any more guidance on who to vote for when they arrived at the polls.

“It does seem like a lot of people have decided already,” he said.

Tom Curtis was encouraging people to vote for mayoral candidate Bridget Donnell Newton and council candidates Don Hadley and Claire Marcuccio Whitaker. He was also supporting two write-in candidates, Echo Lin and Lynda Moulton. Curtis said voting had been very slow during the morning, with just a few dozen people showing up.

Meredith MacKusick, who was campaigning for Newton, Hadley and Whitaker outside the Senior Center, said he initially supported Pierzchala, a neighbor in the College Gardens community. Meeting Newton, Hadley and Whitaker at a coffee event changed his mind.

“I heard the issues behind the sound bites,” he said.

Despite disagreeing with Pierzchala on politics, MacKusick said disagreements don’t have to be disagreeable.

“As neighbors, we can disagree and still meet and break bread,” he said.

The polls are open in Rockville until 8 p.m.

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