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This story was updated on Nov. 12, 2013.

A 38-year-old real estate appraiser used public beer-drinking games to befriend and intoxicate young, heterosexual men, then sexually assaulted them in his house, police said.

Police said they aren’t sure how many men Joey G. Poindexter assaulted, but since his arrest have learned there might be multiple victims.

Police said Poindexter is a Gaithersburg resident, but online court records list a Washington, D.C., address for him.

A call to the D.C. address listed for Poindexter was not answered Tuesday afternoon.

According to charging documents, a young man told police on Oct. 3 that he met Poindexter at Looney’s Pub, a College Park bar, the night before. They were playing beer pong — a drinking game in which opposing players try to toss a ping-pong ball into a cup filled with beer, which their opponent must drink if they succeed.

The two exchanged numbers and drank beer and liquor. At one point, Poindexter bought a round of Long Island iced teas.

According to the charging documents, the victim told police he didn’t have any memory of the rest of the evening after drinking the cocktail.

However, the charging documents later state that the victim told police he woke up the next morning on Poindexter’s couch wearing a pair of Poindexter’s basketball shorts, and remembered being sexually assaulted in the man’s shower. He told police he had not consented to any sexual activity with Poindexter.

“It’s a horrific sexual assault case,” said Montgomery County Police Assistant Chief Russ Hamill. “The fact that it’s a male doesn’t make it any less horrific.”

He said the man who came forward had “tremendous courage” for telling police what happened to him.

Police believe Poindexter has been targeting young men for about 10 years.

“We have a case reported to us approximately 10 years ago. The investigation was halted at the request of the victim. We have not had any further contact or reports from our suspect since that time,” Hamill said.

Hamill continued: “I think this young man and all the other victims are owed a completely thorough police investigation that gets to the bottom of everything that occurred here and that we can hold Mr. Poindexter accountable. And in my opinion, he should be held accountable for an extended period of time.”

During a phone interview, Lisae Jordan, executive director for the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault, said experts believe that male victims are less likely to report rape than female victims.

“Rape in men is more common than people think,” she said, adding that about one in 10 rape victims is male.

However, rape by a stranger is much more common among men, she said. Forty eight percent of male rape victims are raped by a stranger, she said, compared to 28 percent of women.

“The rapists are often heterosexual,” she said, describing rape as an expression of power and humiliation.

According to Hamill, the victim was driven to his College Park home by Poindexter. Charging documents say the victim contacted police several hours later. Medical personnel examined him at a local hospital.

In a phone call investigators recorded between the men two days later, Poindexter told the man he knew he had been drunk. Poindexter also told the man he had been in his own bathroom with the victim after the man vomited on himself.

In that call, Poindexter told the man, “If it makes you feel any better, I don’t have any [expletive] AIDS if anything did happen.”

On Oct. 9, with the help of the victim, police recorded a conversation between him and Poindexter at a Starbucks in College Park, in which Poindexter admitted to the victim that he had sex with him, according to his charging documents.

On Tuesday, police divulged more details about their investigation into Poindexter because they said they believe he may have assaulted many more men.

Hamill said investigators spoke to two other possible victims and expect to speak to another.

“We’re trying to identify further victims. There are other victims out there,” he said.

Police were poring through Poindexter’s computer and phone as part of their investigation.

Two additional people contacted police and one more is expected to contact police soon.

All of the victims of the alleged abuse who have contacted police told investigators they were heterosexual and never agreed to any sexual contact with Poindexter, Hamill said.

Police believe the alleged assaults occurred when Poindexter’s alleged victims were unconscious or significantly impaired by alcohol. All of the victims they have identified are heterosexual and did not have any indication of what was going to occur prior to the assaults.

Investigators also learned that before his arrest, Poindexter frequently attended organized beer pong events around Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, and had traveled to other events around the country in places like Atlantic City, N.J.; Las Vegas; Dallas; Virginia Beach, Va.; and Salt Lake City.

According to police, investigators believe Poindexter may have targeted men at those events, and have contacted law enforcement agencies in those places as well.

Poindexter has been charged with committing a second-degree sex offense. He originally was held on $50,000 bail; that later was raised to $500,000. Poindexter remained in jail on Tuesday.