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Police were called to a Nanjemoy elementary school when a bullet fell out of a student’s bookbag.

A letter sent home to parents from Kristin Shields, principal of Mount Hope/Nanjemoy Elementary School, explained that during the last week in October, a student, identified by school officials as a third-grade boy, brought bullets to school.

The letter indicated that the bullets, five in total, were discovered when one fell out of the boy’s bookbag.

School system spokeswoman Katie O’Malley-Simpson said when such an incident occurs, the police immediately are called, and an investigation and risk assessment are conducted.

She said the investigation determined that the boy brought the bullets to show off to friends.

A Mount Hope parent said in a phone interview that her son previously had been involved in an altercation with the boy who brought the bullets to school. She said her son told her that same boy threatened him saying the bullets were meant for him. She is not being named to protect the identity of her son.

O’Malley-Simpson said based on the investigation, there was no evidence that a threat occurred.

The parent said the altercation her son was in with the boy took place about two weeks prior to the bullet incident. She was not made aware that her son was involved in an altercation until he got off the bus with ice packs on his face.

She said she is concerned that the altercation involving her son was not taken seriously enough, and she was also concerned that “if [the boy] has access to bullets he has access to guns.”

O’Malley-Simpson said she cannot discuss individual disciplinary actions.

Consequences for bringing ammunition to school can be suspension up to expulsion, according to the school system’s Student Code of Conduct.

O’Malley-Simpson said all information that has come to school staff on the bullet incident has been investigated.

In the letter sent to parents, Shields states, “Our investigation confirmed there was never any danger or threat to students or staff.”

Shields invites anyone with questions about the incident to call her at the school.

The parent said she believes that there was a threat made, and the school is “taking it lightly, and I don’t appreciate it.”

The school was scheduled to hold a presentation on school safety Tuesday evening at its PTO meeting.