Multiple executive job openings pop up with city of Gaithersburg -- Gazette.Net


A combination of newly created job positions and goodbyes from longtime leaders has led to openings and changes in several top-brass employment posts in the city of Gaithersburg.

Kim Yocklin, the city’s acting director of human resources, confirmed five higher-up positions that were either recently vacant, are currently vacant, or expected to be vacant in the near future.

City Manager Tony Tomasello said the staffing changes and additions are normal for a city that continues to grow.

“For a city our size, we have always prided ourselves on being an extremely lean organization compared to our peer communities,” he said. “That being said, we’ve continued to grow. You need people to address those issues.”

The slot for a director of human resources has been empty since February 2013, Yocklin said. The Gazette previously reported that former director Margaret Daily was fired at that time for refusing to retire at the urge of Tomasello. The city is in the process of finding a new person to take over. Salaries for this position range from $97,381 to $155,810.

An assistant city attorney post was created this past summer to work with City Attorney Lynn Board. The position offers a starting salary between $84,168 and $134,669. Gaithersburg offered the job to one applicant in June, but it was turned down, Yocklin said.

To fill the position, the city opened a new application period in October, with the deadline to apply on Nov. 30.

Former Director of Public Works Jim Arnoult retired in early October after more than 27 years with the city. His exit led to the promotion of Ollie Mumpower to acting director of public works.

Harold Belton, director of the city’s finance and administration department, is scheduled to retire at the end of the year, leaving another top position open.

“I think at this point, people reach a certain age and have a certain amount of money saved up and they can choose to retire,” Tomasello said.

Yocklin said the city has hired a consultant to update the job responsibilities and salary information for Arnoult’s former position and begin the search to hire a replacement. She said the city will do the same for Belton’s position after he leaves.

Another city leadership position was filled. Dennis Enslinger beat out more than 30 other candidates and was appointed assistant city manager in September, taking the spot formerly held by Tomasello. In a previous article, The Gazette reported that Enslinger earns a salary of $125,000.

Tomasello said that while employees have been coming and going, it is because of the city’s desire to provide effectively for its citizens.

“You can have a vision for high quality services and a vision for property city maintenance, but it takes people to make that a reality,” he said. “We have the right people in place with the right tools.”