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Area football coaches voted on all-region teams last Sunday. Here are their selections.

Offensive Player of the Year: Caleb Henderson, Senior, Quarterback, Lake Braddock Defensive Player of the Year: Chad Wiggins, Senior, Linebacker, Centreville

First-Team Offense

Josh Smith, Senior, Center, Centreville

Kainoa O’Conner, Junior, Offensive Line, Centreville

Brooks Norris, Senior, Offensive Line, Langley

Reece Burnett, Senior, Offensive Line, Lake Braddock

Kidus Woldeyes, Senior, Offensive Line, South County

AJ Turner, Junior, Running Back, Centreville

MJ Stewart, Senior, Running Back, Yorktown

Nick Scott, Senior, Running Back, Fairfax

Charles Tutt, Junior, Wideout, Centreville

AJ Alexander, Junior, Wideout, Lake Braddock

Quinton Reynolds, Senior, Wideout, Patriot

Caleb Henderson, Senior, Quarterback, Lake Braddock

AJ Turner, Junior, Kick Returner, Centreville

Cory Huddleston, Senior, Place Kicker, Lake Braddock

Greg Stroman, O-Utility/Athlete Player, Senior, Stonewall Jackson

First-Team Defense

Jordan Brooks, Junior, Defensive Line, Centreville

Jake Pinkston, Senior, Defensive Line, Robinson

Tim Settle, Junior, Defensive Line, Stonewall Jackson

Jeremiah Clark, Senior, Defensive Line, T.C. Williams

Chad Wiggins, Senior, Linebacker, Centreville

Tyler Love, Junior, Linebacker, Centreville

Malik Carney, Senior, Linebacker, T.C. Williams

Mikail Vinson, Senior, Linebacker, South County

AJ Turner, Junior, Defensive Back, Centreville

AJ Alexander, Junior, Defensive Back, Lake Braddock

MJ Stewart, Senior, Defensive Back, Yorktown

Charles Tutt, Junior, Defensive Back, Centreville

Raeshawn Smith, Senior, Punt Returner, Chantilly

John Magnusson, Senior, Punter, Westfield

Demornay Pierson-El, Senior, D-Utility/Athlete Player, West Potomac

Second-Team Offense

Alex Kolencik, Senior, Center, Langley

Brandon King, Senior, Offensive Line, Centreville

Aiden Elkhatib, Senior, Offensive Line, Robinson

Mike Peterson, Senior, Offensive Line, South County

Diandre Stubbs, Senior, Offensive Line, Stonewall Jackson

Trevor O’Brien, Senior, Running Back, Lake Braddock

Levaughn Davis, Senior, Running Back, South County

Tyler Thrasher-Walker, Senior, Running Back, Westfield

Malik Carney, Senior, Running Back, T.C. Williams

Nick Ferrari-Smith, Senior, Running Back, Patriot

Reggie Floyd, Sophomore, Running Back, Stonewall Jackson

Raeshawn Smith, Senior, Wideout, Chantilly

Garrett Collier, Senior, Wideout, Langley

Devon Burns, Senior, Wideout, Westfield

Scott Walter, Senior, Quarterback, Centreville

Greg Stroman, Senior, Quarterback, Stonewall Jackson

Demornay Pierson-El, Senior, Kick Returner, West Potomac

Eric Rondeau, Junior, Place Kicker, Centreville

Second-Team Defense

Reece Burnett, Senior, Defensive Line, Lake Braddock

Ethan Clark, Senior, Defensive Line, South Lakes

Diandre Stubbs, Senior, Defensive Line, Stonewall Jackson

Chase Koon, Senior, Defensive Line, Westfield

Kevin Hankton, Senior, Linebacker, Lake Braddock

George Asante, Senior, Linebacker, Hayfield

Jamel Jimmerson, Senior, Linebacker, Stonewall Jackson

Chase Richardson, Senior, Linebacker, Battlefield

James Gibson, Junior, Defensive Back, Westfield

Demornay Pierson-El, Senior, Defensive Back, West Potomac

Mileek Burns, Junior, Defensive Back, Fairfax

Corey Parker, Junior, Defensive Back, Battlefield

Garrett Collier, Senior, Punt Returner, Langley

Joe Rice, Senior, Punter, Fairfax