County police arrest parents, teens at Damascus drinking party -- Gazette.Net


A party at a home in Damascus Saturday night ended abruptly after officers who had arrived to shut it down were attacked by the party’s hosts, Montgomery County police said Monday.

Officers arrived at a house in the 9400 block of Damascus Road on Saturday evening, just before midnight, police said, and saw several teenagers in the backyard of the house in possession of alcohol, as well as a keg in an outdoor stairwell.

At a press conference on Monday, Montgomery County Police Capt. Thomas Didone said police saw “many young people with beer in their hands” outside the house, and contacted the homeowners.

Inside the house, they saw about 35 people who appeared to be underage drinkers, police said.

According to police, the residents of the home denied their request to come inside the home, and when officers tried to seize the keg they had spotted, a person in the house came out of the building’s basement and tried to grab several cases of beer.

“A struggle ensued,” Didone said.

An officer was pulled into the fight, and party attendees attempted to slam the front door on the officer’s arms. Police said partygoers inside were banging on windows and yelling profanities, and a second officer, who was trying to help the first officer, was also assaulted.

According to Didone, homeowner George Magas was shot with a stungun after he reached for an officer’s handgun.

“There was no excuse I can see why it would get out of hand, but it did,” Didone said.

According to Didone, officers on the scene smelled marijuana before they entered the house, and removed drug paraphernalia from the home.

Police ended up arresting four people who lived at the house and issuing a slew of alcohol citations to 22 other partygoers.

George Magas, 54, and Cathy Magas, 46, the parents of Nicholas Magas, 21, and Eric Magas, 18, were each charged with 22 counts of furnishing alcohol to minors.

George Magas was charged with attempting to remove a firearm from the possession of a deputy sheriff; attempting to incite a riot; three assault counts; and an obstruction charge. He was released from custody Sunday after posting $5,000 bail.

Cathy Magas and Nicholas Magas both also face an assault charge, and one count of obstructing and hindering a police officer. Eric Magas faces an assault charge and one charge of attempting to incite a riot. He also faces an obstruction charge as well as several charges related to possessing a fake ID.

Didone said the Magas family is closely tied to the football team at Damascus High School. George and Cathy’s sons Alec, Eric, Mark and Nicholas played for the school.

Cathy, Eric, and Nicholas all were released from custody Sunday after posting $3,000 bail each.

A call to the family home in Damascus was not answered. A call to George Magas’s accounting business Monday afternoon was not returned. Lawyers for the Magas’ were not listed online.