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Mother leaves two girls inside car for more than 90 minutes to get makeup done

Two children were left in a car for 90 minutes in below-freezing temperatures, according to a report from the Charles County Sheriff’s Office.

At 8:05 p.m. Jan. 28, officers were dispatched to the 11200 block of Mall Circle after a citizen called to report the sounds of children crying coming from inside a Cadillac Escalade parked outside a department store. The windows of the car were tinted, and the witness was not able to see much more.

Officers arrived and found two girls, 6 and 3, inside the car. Both girls were wearing heavy coats but told officers they were cold. Officers placed the girls in their police cars and noted the temperature was about 16 degrees.

Officers obtained the name of the girls’ mother, Regina Marie Coleman, 28, and went inside the mall to search for her. They contacted mall security who made an announcement. Coleman came out of a department store and approached officers, according to the report. She claimed she lost her wallet and was inside the mall looking for it. She said she had only been inside for 10 minutes. Officers noted inconsistencies in her story and checked into the matter further. They learned the woman had been inside the department store for more than 90 minutes, sitting at a makeup counter having her face done. They also located her missing wallet inside her purse.

Coleman was arrested and charged with child neglect. The children were turned over to relatives.

Officer J. Squirewell and Sgt. H. Smith investigated.