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Students will spend their spring break in class pending a snow day waiver from the state.

On Monday, Charles County Superintendent of Schools Kimberly A. Hill requested from the Maryland State Board of Education a waiver for four missed school days due to winter weather, according to a school system news release. If approved, the waiver would restore spring break for students and teachers.

Due to inclement weather the school system has missed nine days so far this school year. Of those nine, four were built into the calendar, leaving five that had to be made up to comply with Maryland law that states schools must operate 180 days for students each year. The first makeup day was the Presidents Day holiday Feb. 17, and the remaining four are scheduled to be made up April 14, 15, 16 and 17. Those days originally were part of the system’s spring break, which runs from April 14 through 18.

The Charles County Board of Education adopts the school calendar in advance and approved using spring break dates as inclement weather makeup days if needed.

Schools are scheduled to be open those four days pending a decision from the state.

Hill also converted four scheduled two-hour early dismissal days to regular school days as an effort to get back lost instructional time, according to the release. Those dates are March 19, April 25, May 7 and May 21. Those days would not be affected by a waiver.

“We’ve missed a number of days and had some two-hour delays. This is a way for us to make up some lost instructional time,” Katie O’Malley-Simpson, school system spokeswoman, said.