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Police cited a man for aggressive panhandling after he tried to solicit money by tapping on a driver’s window, bought alcohol at a local liquor store, and then urinated in the store’s parking lot.

They are using the incident as a cautionary tale, discouraging motorists from giving to panhandlers, whose numbers are expected to increase as the days get warmer. It’s part of a broader, countywide campaign to reduce the number of beggars in the streets.

In a news release Thursday, police highlighted an incident in Colesville from Feb. 5.

Police described seeing a man panhandling at the intersection of New Hampshire Avenue and Randolph Road. He allegedly tapped on a the window of a vehicle in the turn lanes, trying to get a donation, police said in a news release.

The man then walked across the intersection to buy alcohol from a liquor store, which he drank in the parking lot of a nearby Giant food store, according to the release.

Police claimed that as officers were about to stop the panhandler, he began to urinate in the parking lot.

As a result, Edward Leon Hayes, 51, of the 4800 block of Waltonshire Circle in Olney, received criminal citations for aggressive panhandling, urinating in public, possession of an open container of alcohol adjacent to a retail establishment, and a citation for littering tied to a police claim he threw a cigarette butt onto the ground.

Attorney information was not listed for Hayes in court records accessed online. A number for the address provided for Hayes was not listed in the phone book.