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This story was clarified and updated on March 27, 2014. An explanation follows the story.

Alexandra Dine, a senior at the Tisch Film of School at New York University, is into experiences — as is her current production.

“I want to convey that everyone should experience everything, that everyone should explore life to the fullest. In this vein, people should accept different attitudes and styles of living that they encounter, because everyone can contribute something magical to the world,” Dine says on her film’s website.

That film is “Drawn from her Etude,” for which Dine is back in her hometown of Bethesda this week to film some scenes.

“It’s coming along well. ... We’re starting to put the major pieces together,” she said.

Dine started work on the film in June. It concerns a woman named Eleanor who is engulfed by her home and the music that accompanies her inside.

One day, she goes outside and is recognized by the gardener next door, who notices how her presence revives his withering plants. He realizes the world is empty without the passion she exudes, prompting him to coax her from her home. Curious, Eleanor departs with the man, but she involuntarily hurls herself into a clutter of black voids, vines and dead silence.

In her younger days, she “feared too much,” Dine said, and experiences passed her by. Her film seeks to express that endless opportunities occur in life and we will not know if we can conquer these opportunities if we don’t thrust ourselves into a position to do so, even when those situations might seem intimidating.

Dine attended the University of Maryland, College Park, for one year before transferring to NYU her sophomore year.

“I’ve met so many people during my time in the city it is incredible. They have influenced a lot of my ideas and I am grateful for them,” she said.

Her affinity for film began one summer when she challenged herself to watch that year’s Academy Awards nominees for Best Picture. She watched “Babel” and that led her to filmmaking.

Parts of “Drawn from her Etude” will be shot inside her parents’ Bethesda home. She is getting help through Indiegogo, which has a website that posts projects seeking donations. Dine and her crew and cast of 20-plus need to raise $4,515 to see the film through post-production.

Dine also is seeking extras on Thursday for scenes to be shot through Monday in Candy Cane City Park in Chevy Chase. More information is at drawnfromheretude.com/the-story/ or contact hello@drawnfromheretude.com.

Explanation: This version clarifies that extras are needed only on Thursday. It also includes a website for the production.