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The last day of school will be June 12 for St. Mary’s public school students, and spring break will remain whole thanks to a waiver to make up some of the county’s 12 snow days this year.

Superintendent Michael Martirano at a school board meeting Wednesday cited the constant challenges winter weather has brought to schools, including the need to close schools 12 days, delay the opening seven other days and cancel after-school activities four days.

“We’ve got to make some adjustments with our current calendar to keep us moving forward,” the superintendent said.

Schools in Maryland are mandated by law to offer 180 days of instruction to students.

Martirano said he had requested a five-day waiver from the state school board and on Wednesday afternoon he was notified that St. Mary’s was the first school system to be granted a waiver.

Schools opened on President’s Day last month to make up one missed day, and there were five days already built in to the end of the calendar as extra. Those six days, plus the five waived by the state, left one day to be made up, Martirano said.

May 2, which was scheduled as a professional day for teachers, will now be a regular school day, as approved by the school board Wednesday.

“The week of spring break remains intact,” with students off from April 12 through April 21, Martirano said.

The Chesapeake Public Charter School, which operates on a different calendar, missed 11 days due to inclement weather this past winter. Students from that school will also have to make up a day on May 2, and the last day for students at the charter school will be June 13, as originally planned, Martirano said.

School board members approved the changes to the calendar and commended the superintendent.