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Charles County Circuit Court Clerk Sharon “Sherri” Hancock wants another four years to keep improving services for the people the court affects.

Hancock has served as the clerk of the circuit court for nearly a decade, having been appointed in 2005 to fill the vacancy left when former clerk Richard A. Day III died. Hancock later won the 2006 election to retain the spot and has been there ever since.

Hancock has worked at the court since 1980. In that time, she has seen many changes in the court and has played a hand in some, as well.

Hancock helped with getting the electronic boards that display the docket on the main floor of the courthouse, which she said “certainly cuts down on staff going around and posting all the dockets” outside of each courtroom. Hancock also helped start the Generous Juror program, which launched in Charles County in February and allows people called for jury duty to donate a portion or all of their $15 stipends to the court, where it will go in turn to the Charles County Department of Social Services.

“What we do impacts so many people. Everything we do is very important to every citizen who comes in,” Hancock said. “I certainly try to make accessibility easier when citizens come in.”

Hancock stressed that nothing she has done has been accomplished alone.

“I’m so proud of the clerk’s office and the staff we have,” she said. “I’d sincerely appreciate the chance to continue to serve. I’m grateful for the support I receive from the citizens. I can’t say that I’m the most proud of any one thing over another. It’s every single aspect of the job we do.”

Hancock feels her experience is what sets her apart but said she still tries to progress.

“I’m still learning even after all these years,” Hancock said.

Originally, Juanita “J.V.” Curry had filed to run in opposition to Hancock. Curry notified the Independent that she has to withdraw from the race because of a violation of the U.S. Hatch Act, which spells out what federal employees can and cannot engage in politically. Curry is a federal employee. Her name has not yet been removed from the candidates list on the Maryland Board of Elections website, and a spokeswoman for the Charles County Board of Elections said Curry had not contacted them about withdrawing.

Curry did not return a telephone message requesting a comment.