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A judge has set a bond requirement of $25,000 for the pretrial release of a Lexington Park man on child pornography charges stemming from a 2012 police investigation that originated in New York.

St. Mary’s grand jurors indicted Reagan Michael Frawley, 42, earlier this year on the charges including possessing “with the intent to distribute child pornography that depicts a minor engaged as a subject in sexual conduct and sadomasochistic abuse.”

St. Mary’s detectives met in 2012 with Maryland State Police about the investigation in New York that had tracked an Internet address “offering possible child pornography for downloading,” a police report states, which had prompted a raid at a vacant Johnson City, N.Y., house where Frawley had lived. A Naval Criminal Investigative Service agent determined that Frawley was transferred to Patuxent Naval Air Station, as a federal government employee, just before the raid.

During a subsequent raid in November of that year at Frawley’s Lexington Park home, the suspect was questioned about the child pornography downloaded by investigators in New York, according to the police report.

St. Mary’s Circuit Judge David W. Densford ordered that if Frawley is released on bond, he will be on pretrial supervision and must not be alone with any children.