Planners seek to identify neighborhoods in downtown Bethesda -- Gazette.Net


Planners are trying to identify distinct neighborhoods in downtown Bethesda as they work to update development policies for the area.

At an open house Thursday, maps outlined three “centers” of the downtown area: Woodmont Triangle, the area around the Bethesda Metro station and Bethesda Row. They also identified seven or so districts between the center of downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Guidance on the districts’ borders is coming from area residents and other people who have attended workshops and submitted comments to the Planning Department.

These districts, with some modifications, will likely become part of the final Bethesda Downtown Plan, said Robert Kronenberg, the department’s Area 1 chief.

Kronenberg also said plans to improve circulation throughout the area are crucial. Right now, he said, there’s often a disconnect between neighborhoods

“Our focus is (asking) where are those missing gaps, how can we make those connections better?” he said.

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