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The trial for one of the five men involved in the August 2012 beating of a Washington Post deliveryman moved quickly and resulted in an across-the-board guilty verdict Thursday.

Jerrod Lamont Benson, a 23-year-old Lexington Park man, was found guilty of attempted first- and second-degree murder, along with conspiracy to commit murder and related assault and robbery charges for his role in the attack that left a man in his 60s temporarily blind and with injuries he feels the effect of to this day.

The victim was attacked in the early morning hours of Aug. 5, 2012, on Ryon Court in Waldorf while on his usual delivery route. The group chased down the man three separate times and stripped him naked and removed the wedding band from his finger. Testimony also indicated that Benson told members of the group to take the man’s delivery van and run him over.

He only escaped a fourth beating because he was able to hide from his assailants and, when he was sure they were gone, crawled naked and bloody into the lobby of the District 3 station of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office on Leonardtown Road in Waldorf, according to the victim’s testimony.

Two of the other men in the group of five have been sentenced.

Derrick Jamar Thompson, 21, stood trial late last year and was found not guilty of attempted first-degree murder or conspiracy but was found guilty of attempted second-degree murder and all other charges. For this, Thompson received a 26½-year sentence. Gregory Lee Boseman, 20, pleaded guilty to first-degree assault and received a 25-year sentence.

Speaking on Thursday after the jury handed down the verdict, Charles County State’s Attorney Anthony B. Covington called the different verdicts in the Thompson and Benson trials “understandable,” despite their involvement in the same crime.

“You have different juries, but in this case there was different evidence as to each role,” Covington (D) said. “There was testimony that Benson was the guy who said, ‘Get the car and run [the victim] over.’ ... We also had clear evidence that he was one of the ones involved in all three of the beatings. There was different evidence [than in Thompson’s case], and I think that led the jury in that direction ... and I think rightfully so.”

Along with Boseman, Benson also allegedly took part in the jailhouse beating of 23-year-old Andrew Lee Washam, a participant in the crimes who struck a deal with the state to testify against the others in exchange for a lesser sentence. Benson’s trial in that matter is scheduled for next month.

Benson’s attorney, public defender Kimberly Righter, could not immediately be reached for comment.

Benson is scheduled for sentencing July 3.