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Track and field meet results


Great Mills 79, Patuxent 58; Great Mills 115, Thomas Stone 18; Patuxent 115, Thomas Stone 17

100: 1. Goldring (GM) 11.0, 2. Gross (P) 11.2, 3. Tyler (P) 11.3

200: 1. Tyler (P) 22.8, 2. Gross (P) 23.1, 3. Brown (GM) 23.2

400: 1. Carr (TS) 51.48, 2. Hicks (GM) 52.03, 3. Jones (P) 52.61

800: 1. Sebacher (GM) 2:03.32, 2. Madden (GM) 2:06.66, 3. Romano (GM) 2:08.25

1,600: 1. Romano (GM) 4:47.6, 2. Barrow (GM) 4:50.4, 3. Madden (GM) 4:50.7

3,200: 1. Strickland (GM) 9:58.00, 2. Herzog (P) 10:01.09, 3. Burch (TS) 10:40.22

110H: 1. Blanks (GM) 15.9, 2. Carter (GM) 16.9, 3. Tawiah (GM) 17.0

300H: 1. Blanks (GM) 43.2, 2. Short (P) 46.5, 3. Carter (GM) 47.4

400R: 1. Patuxent 44.09, 2. Great Mills 49.77

800R: 1. Patuxent 1:39.4, 2. Great Mills 1:51.6

1,600R: 1. Patuxent 3:44.92, 2. Great Mills 3:45.26, 3. Thomas Stone 4:12.23

3,200R: 1. Patuxent 9:43.2, 2. Thomas Stone 10:01.7, 3. Great Mills 10:06.8

HJ: 1. Weers (GM) 5-10, 2. Smith (P) 5-8, 3. Jones (P) 5-6

LJ: 1. Goldring (GM) 19-8, 2. Brown (GM) 19-0, 3. Leonard (P) 18-10

TJ: 1. Williams (GM) 40-6, 2. Jackson (P) 38-0, 3. Leonard (P) 37-10 1/2

SP: 1. Yon (GM) 45-4, 2. Douglas (P) 42-6, 3. Moore (GM) 39-6

D: 1. Yon (GM) 166-11 1/2, 2. Lee (P) 147-3 1/2, 3. Douglas (P) 125-10


Great Mills 79, Patuxent 49; Great Mills 65, Thomas Stone 62; Thomas Stone 71, Patuxent 53

100: 1. Mincy (TS) 12.4, 2. Griffin (GM) 12.8, 3. Fenwick (P) 13.1

200: 1. Nelson (TS) 26.6, 2. Curtis (TS) 28.2, 3. Williams (GM) 29.1

400: 1. Fenwick (P) 1:05.7, 2. Romano (GM) 1:07.0, 3. Edwards (TS) 1:10.1

800: 1. Imhof (GM) 2:37.51, 2. Romano (GM) 2:37.88, 3. Staats (GM) 2:55.41

1,600: 1. Jackson (P) 5:37.1, 2. Mitchell (TS) 6:01.8, 3. Bray (GM) 6:12.7

3,200: 1. Jackson (P) 11:35.90, 2. Bray (GM) 12:40.42, 3. Allison (P) 13:35.81

100H: 1. Williams (TS) 15.4, 2. Jackson (TS) 15.9, 3. Taylor (GM) 15.9 (Jackson was awarded second)

300H: 1. Williams (TS) 48.2, 2. Jackson (TS) 49.3, 3. Clark (P) 53.2

400R: 1. Thomas Stone 51.61, 2. Patuxent 58.68

800R: 1. Thomas Stone 1:51.4, 2. Patuxent 1:58.4

1,600R: 1. Patuxent 4:42.89, 2. Great MIlls 4:55.81

3,200R: 1. Great Mills 11:07.4, 2. Patuxent 11:19.0

HJ: 1. Griffin (GM) 4-8, 2. Carlson (P) 4-6, 3. Romano (GM) 4-6

LJ: 1. Staats (GM) 13-0 1/2, 2. Boudias (TS) 13-0, 3. Smith (GM) 12-6

TJ: Grimes (P) ND, Cullen (P) ND

SP: Bishop (TS) 25-3 1/2, 2. Lindholm (GM) 22-2 1/2, 3. Broadnax (GM) 20-3 1/2

D: 1. Bishop (TS) 72-10, 2. Priest (GM) 56-9 1/2, 3. Broadnax (GM) 56-2 1/2

Editor's Note: Southern Maryland Newspapers received a new set of results from Tuesday's meet at Thomas Stone High School after press time. This story reflects the new results received to Southern Maryland Newspapers on Friday morning.

The perfect combo. The right pieces. A great fit.

No matter how you put it, the Great Mills Hornets boys track and field team is well constructed.

From the fast-moving sprinters to the slow-and-steady distance runners to the fly-through-the air jumpers, there are first-place finishers throughout the lineup.

On Tuesday afternoon during a tri-meet with the Patuxent Panthers and hosting Thomas Stone Cougars, the Hornets proved to be well-built with a sweep of the meet, 115-18 against Thomas Stone and 79-58 against Patuxent, to remain undefeated this season at 9-0. The Panthers split the meet with a 115-17 win against Stone.

The Great Mills girls swept the meet with a 79-49 win against Patuxent and a 65-62 win against Thomas Stone. The Cougars split the meet by defeating Patuxent, 71-53.

“It's a combination,” Hornets junior Robert Romano said of the team. “We have a strong distance team this year, quite a few good sprinters, too. It's a combined effort. We have Allen Hicks and CJ Tawiah, he's great at hurdles and Allen is good at the 400 [meter]. Then we have David Strickland for the two-mile, Matt Sebacher for the 800 and I'm the mile guy. We just have team members who are really good at their events.”

Romano won the 1,600-meter run on Tuesday in a time of 4 minutes 47.6 seconds. Strickland won the 3,200 (9:58.0) and Sebacher won the 800 (2:03.32).

Great Mills (9-0 overall/SMAC) also had three individuals walk away with two wins on the day, with Rashad Goldring in the 100 dash and long jump, Chris Blanks in the 110 and 300 hurdles and Cameron Yon in the shot put and discus. Andrew Weers picked up a victory in the high jump, as well.

“We're everywhere,” Goldring said. “We have a lot of good people in each event. It helps us tremendously. We have good distance runners, high jumpers, long jumpers and good sprinters.”

Blanks added, “Honestly, we've all been working harder this season. We have a good team going on. Distance is doing great, sprints is getting better, hurdles have been doing great so far, too. It's just been a bit different than previous years because we have been working much harder.”

For fifth-year head coach Bianca Lynch, the success this season has come in the form of athletes willing to do whatever they can do if it helps get a win.

“They're willing to help each other out,” Lynch said.

That included the Hornets 1,600 relay team running with a substitute runner and a thrower running with the sprinters in the 400 relay.

“Whether they are a sprinter or distance runner, they support each other,” Lynch continued. “They want to do more than one event. They want to run, they want to jump, they want to do it all.”

Patuxent (3-6) swept the relays on Tuesday and Tahir Tyler earned the boys team's lone individual win in the 200 dash with a time of 22.8 seconds.

“It felt pretty good,” Tyler said of the win. “I hope that I can do it again in SMAC. This is probably my best meet so far. Today, I really took the time to stretch and get myself ready. I didn't really practice that much over the [spring] break, so I thought I wouldn't do well. I did a little bit of stretching, put my mind to it and it came out good.”

Kharee Carr earned an individual victory for Stone (0-11) in the 400 in 51.48.

Stone girls split

Stone junior Sonyel Williams does not want to hear how great she is, not yet, as she still believes the best is yet to come.

On Tuesday, Williams' double-win performance in the 100 and 300 hurdles, with times of 15.4 and 48.2, respectively, helped the Cougars girls (3-8) split the meet.

Teammate Allison Bishop also earned two individual wins in the shot put and discus and the Stone 400 and 800 relay teams also earned first-place finishes.

“To be honest, I wouldn't say that I am that great,” Williams said. “I'm not where I want to be right now. I am trying to get to 14 seconds [in the 100 hurdles], or at least high 14s, and right now I am at 15.59, where I ended last year. It's good that I am working at it, but I am just trying to motivate myself to go faster and stay with the girls that are faster than me.”

Destinee Mincy earned a win in the 100 dash (12.4) and Rya Nelson was first in the 200 (26.6) for Stone.

With a sweep in the meet, the Hornets girls (6-3) now have the most wins in a single season since Lynch took over the head coaching duties.

On Tuesday, it was the first-place efforts of Annie Imhof (800), Taja Griffin (high jump) and the Hornets 3,200 relay team that helped with the team win, as well as Anna Staats (long jump).

“I think numbers is one thing,” Lynch said of the girls success. “Another thing, I think that has really helped, has been having more coaches that are in the building. Every single one of my coaches has either coached another sport before or this past year are coaches. They have been able to pull from their sports and are motivating girls to come over and do track.”

Patuxent freshman Hayley Jackson earned two wins in the 1,600 and 3,200 and teammate Karissa Fenwick (400) also earned a win for the Panthers (2-7).

“I'm relaxed and I'm keeping it really positive,” Jackson said of the season. “It makes me smile when my teammates cheer me on and stuff like that. ... I'm just really relaxed when I'm running because of that.”

The Patuxent 1,600 relay team also earned first place.

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