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Dedication to one’s sport has been a family tradition and cornerstone of the Sothoron family, a family who was honored a few years back by Towson University.

St. Mary’s Ryken head boys lacrosse coach John Sothoron said the frontrunner of the family was his father Norwood S. Sothoron, who passed away in 2005 with many lifelong lessons that he passed on.

John, a goalie who graduated from Towson in 1972, and his son Reed, also a goalie for the Tigers who graduated from Towson in 2005, are members of the university’s all-time men’s lacrosse team

Both Sothorons made the All-American team, as well. Reed graced the ranks twice.

“I think it’s a real unique situation where Reed and I went to the same school, played the same position,” John Sothoron said. “I didn’t push him to go to Towson. He had his choice of a lot of colleges, but he really liked [head coach], and things worked out. He was a two-time All-American there.”

He added, “The real credit goes to Reed’s grandfather, my dad who was the greatest athlete of them all. He was an All-American at Maryland in the 1930s in lacrosse and football. He’s in three Hall of Fames. He’s the only athlete to go through the University of Maryland and letter in four different sports. The track coach wanted him to come out. That would have made five.”

The Sothorons were among a 56-player team selected based on nominations from former players.

“It’s enjoyable. We love the game [of lacrosse], and I wish my dad was around now,” John said. “He would be very proud. He has three grandsons who played in college. It was a fun experience to be picked for that, so that was a nice honor. I was very proud to go out there at halftime and be honored with my son beside me. I don’t know too many guys that get that chance to be honored with their son like that, so that was very, very special.”

Towson’s director of athletics said in a press release announcing the team, “Whenever you select an all-time team, especially with a successful program like ours, you do so with some hesitation because there are so many great players to consider. However, I was so pleased that the former players were willing to play such a critical role and assist with the selections.”

Sothoron, who has been coaching lacrosse now for 36 years, shows no signs of giving it up now. He’s very happy to be on the sidelines, especially on sunny days like the one his Knights got to play on their senior day Friday, a 17-7 win against Christchurch School from Virginia.

St. Mary’s Ryken traveled to DeMatha on Tuesday for a Washington Catholic Athletic Conference quarterfinal contest, which finished too late for inclusion into this edition. A win puts the Knights into the semifinals Thursday.

“It’s never really been my job to make a living,” John Sothoron said. “I don’t consider coaching my job. It’s fun to be out here with the boys. That’s what makes it exciting, to see them grow into great players, and I never look for the biggest guy. I look for the kid with the most heart.”