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The winners of the annual Best Mom essay contest sponsored by Dickinson Jewelers were recognized and had a chance to read their winning essays to their moms May 1. Sgt. Mike Bomgardner of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office had the difficult task of choosing a handful of winning essays out of more than 650 entries from students ages 6 to 12.

1st place

Name: Daemon Cook

Aunt: Leslie Semones

Grade: 5

School: Sunderland Elementary

Teacher: Melaney Sanchez

Prize: Pandora bracelet with charms from Dickinson Jewelers

My Aunt Leslie is the best! First let me tell you, she might be the worst cook in America. OK, maybe not the worst, but at least up in the top 10. One time, she was cooking a chicken on the grill, she opened the grill to check on it and it was burnt — not just in one spot, but all over. (Let’s just say, it was so bad that we had to go out and eat.) Second: She always is worrying. Whenever I go somewhere she always says, “Be careful,” and I say, “Don’t worry,” and she says, “You know I worry all the time.” But third: My aunt is outgoing. Whenever she sees someone having trouble she will go out of her way to help them. Fourth, my aunt is strict, but strict in a good way. She is very hard on me because she wants me to do good in life and not make bad choices. Last but not least, my aunt is hardworking. She does whatever she can to make some extra money to help out. My Aunt Leslie is the best in so many ways, but they probably wouldn’t fit on this paper.

2nd place

Name: Isabelle DuBois

Mom: Theresa DuBois

Grade: 3

School: Dowell Elementary

Teacher: D. Wojciechowski

Prize: Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa package

My mommy’s name is Theresa. She loves and cares for me and my family. Mommy has been through a lot. She has had three brain surgeries because she had a brain tumor. But through all of that, she has remained strong and brave. Ma also has been coming to volunteer at my school. Even at home, Mommy works hard. Even if she doesn’t work at a job and doesn’t get paid, she gets paid by love and care. Mama cares for me because she cooks for our family and takes us to school and our sports. I love my Mommy.

3rd place

Name: Sophie Reavis

Mom: Candice Reavis

Grade: 4

School: Beach Elementary

Teacher: Lina Arroyo

Prize: A dozen roses from Floral Expressions

My mom, to me, could not get any more perfect. She is a healthy and beautiful person. Of course, I love her to death, but today I will talk about a certain moment that I share with my mom that makes her extremely magnificent.

One day this year (2014), my mom took me to a new doctor. The doctor said she would have to do a test to look inside of me. There is a possibility that I might have to stay off all dairy and gluten for the rest of my life. As most will imagine, it will be hard. Another chance is I might be fine. My mom and I went to Starbucks (cafe) and we talked about the test and my mom said, “If you can’t have dairy I won’t eat it either.” I could not believe my ears! I said, “Really?” Then I started to cry. I stood up and hugged my mom tight. When she asked if I were okay, I just said, “Oh, mom. I’m not sad. I’m just so happy.”

My mom is a person I can trust with everything. If I have an internal struggle about something, she always knows what to do and how to help. She is extraordinary for being the trustful, honest person that she is. It makes me feel so lucky to have such a great mother. I am very grateful and thankful for having her as my parent.

My mom is the best mom, not in Maryland alone, not in the USA alone, not in the world alone, but everything combined, including the universe. My mom leaves the other moms in the dust with scores of who is the best mom, not to brag. I just love her so much.

Honorable mention

Name: Tymeesha Johnson

Mom: Lisa Johnson

Grade: 4

School: Appeal Elementary

Teacher: Kim Blackistone

Prize: Charm bracelet from Dickinson Jewelers

My mom is not only the best; my mom was special. She was so sweet to me. Before she got sick she worked hard at a hospital and she worked in Washington, D.C., in an office. Sometimes she took me to the hospital when she worked and I loved spending time with her there. For my birthday she took me to the store and bought me a toy I really wanted. When she got sick with cancer she had to spend a lot of time in the hospital and sometimes at home in bed. I’d give her hugs when she’d get home. Even though she was really sick I helped her cook, grocery shop, and she watched TV with me. My mom always made me feel happy. Now that she’s gone, I miss my mom a lot. She’ll always be the best mom ever!