Montgomery school board members stop using official credit cards -- Gazette.Net


Montgomery County Board of Education members have agreed to stop using their school system credit cards while a committee examines the board’s policy on when members can use them.

A Monday statement from school board President Philip Kauffman and Vice President Patricia O’Neill said an ad-hoc committee was formed in April to review “the board’s processes and guidelines regarding reimbursable expenses.”

“Recent public interest in the usage of credit cards by board members has emphasized the necessity to review our processes and procedures to ensure that these cards are being used in an appropriate manner,” the statement said.

ABC 7 reported May 21 that school board member Christopher S. Barclay used his school system credit card to make personal purchases 14 times and later had to pay the school system back for them. The report also said that on multiple occasions Barclay did not turn in itemized receipts or identify who he was dining with when he used his school system credit card, which violates the system’s policy.

As part of its study, the committee will examine board members’ expenses made over the last two years.

The committee’s members include Kauffman, O’Neill and school board member Michael Durso, who serves as chair of the board’s fiscal management committee.

Board members receive school system credit cards to cover business-related expenses, the statement said.