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A Waldorf man died Wednesday night following a brief police chase.

Gerald V. Hall, 48, was seen driving east on Smallwood Drive’s westbound lanes about 11:15 p.m. by a Maryland State Police trooper, according to an MSP press release.

The trooper saw Hall pull into a parking lot, unbuckle his seat belt and then pull back onto the road in the eastbound lane, according to the release. The officer gave chase, but Hall sped away. About a quarter mile up the road, the release stated, Hall ran through a red light at the intersection of Smallwood Drive and St. Charles Parkway and struck a tree. Hall was taken to University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center in La Plata where he was pronounced dead.

Officers on the scene smelled the strong scent of alcohol in the car, according to the release. Toxicology results are pending.

Hall’s personal car, according to the release, had an interlock system that prevented him from driving without first blowing into a breathalyzer to detect alcohol. At the time, he was driving a friend’s Nissan that did not have an interlock system. Hall was the sole occupant. Hall’s drivers’ license was also revoked, according to the release.

The investigation is ongoing.