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The Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation has awarded two state EARN Implementation Grants, which the College of Southern Maryland will share.

“CSM is Southern Maryland’s first choice for high quality workforce training and development. We have experience meeting the region’s needs working through industry-education partnerships including multiple stakeholders — employers, agencies and organizations,” CSM Continuing Education and Workforce Development Vice President Dan Mosser said in a college news release. “Drinking water quality, the health and safety of the Chesapeake Bay, and addressing current and future health care workforce needs are all areas of great concern to our college and our community,” .

CSM’s Maryland Center for Environmental Training on the La Plata campus will work with lead applicant Maryland Environmental Services and five Maryland utilities in the water and wastewater industry to provide industry-specific training. Through the Water and Wastewater Career Development Partnership for Central Maryland, MCET plans to evaluate the incumbent workers’ career readiness providing them with a “snapshot” of their current skills, and then work with them to identify what they need to learn to close their individual skills gap for their profession, and pass the state certification examination.

The training plan is designed to make remedial training available as needed in areas identified as critical to the individual worker.

MCET’s goal is to provide assistance and guidance through the evaluation process, and then build on it with industry specific training, such as a course, mathematics for the water and wastewater operator in the first grant period, working toward state certification for the operator. CSM has received $85,470 of the $150,000 grant award.

“The most exciting part of this entire project is that, once developed, MCET can take this program statewide and provide these evaluations to employees in the smaller utilities. We can focus on helping water and wastewater operators reach their professional goals and also pass the State certification exam” MCET Executive Director Karen Brandt said in the release.

CSM’s Continuing Education and Workforce Development Division will work with lead applicant Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland to deliver technical training to identify underemployed, unemployed and veterans who want to start a health care career. Further, the grant will deliver soft skills training to the incumbent health care workforce to meet the new Center for Medicare services pay for performance incentive, which focuses on customer service and patient outcomes. CSM has received $94,450 of the $150,000 grant award.

“CSM is delighted to work with the Southern Maryland Healthcare Alliance to train future and current workers,” said Executive Director Susan Ross.

EARN Maryland, managed by DLLR, is a first-of-its-kind state skills training and economic development initiative that is business-led, flexible and collaborative. EARN Maryland is designed to ensure that Maryland employers have the talent they need to compete and grow while providing targeted education and skills training to Maryland workers.

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