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A Leonardtown man was charged Wednesday with three offenses of first-degree assault in court papers alleging he struck two people with a vehicle and narrowly missed a third person outside a Mechanicsville residence.

Reginald Alan Price was driving his car away from the Birch Manor Drive home shortly after midnight that morning, after he was told to leave, and the Ford Crown Victoria hit Amanda Ellen Tucker and Randy Allen Boarman, according to a statement of probable cause filed by St. Mary’s sheriff’s Cpl. Emory Johnson.

The car missed Andrew James Mills, who told police that the suspect threw a brick that smashed the rear window of a car owned by Mills’ mother, Cheryl Ann Mills, according to charging papers alleging that Price also drove over Linda Sue Baxter’s chain-link fence and an electrical transformer owned by Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative.

Police found the windshield on the suspect’s car smashed, and scrapes on the front bumper and down the right side of the vehicle, according to charging papers. No information on any injuries was included in the charging papers, which state that Tucker, Boarman and Andrew Mills all made statements to police at the scene.

Price was released from custody later that day on $25,000 bond.