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A 20-year-old Waldorf man is charged with two sex offenses after allegedly misleading a friend regarding the nature of a sexual encounter.

Joseph Allen Rucci, according to a police report, contacted the victim through Facebook on June 23 and asked him if he wanted to go to a hotel room to “tag team” a girl, meaning they would engage in group sex. Rucci allegedly told the other party that the girl in question wanted everyone to engage sexually with each other, and the victim replied that he didn’t want to do anything “gay” despite Rucci’s offer to pay him for the encounter.

When the victim declined, Rucci allegedly told him another girl wanted to have sex with him while he was blindfolded because she didn’t want her identity known. The victim agreed but said he didn’t want Rucci present or participating, which Rucci allegedly agreed to.

Once at the hotel the next day, Rucci produced a bag with rope inside, according to the report. The victim disrobed partially as they waited for the third party. Once Rucci told the victim that the girl was almost there, according to the report, he bound the victim and blindfolded him. Shortly thereafter the victim told police he heard a knock at the door, Rucci saying, “He’s over there,” and then felt a hand on his leg. Someone then began performing a sex act on the victim, according to the report.

The victim told police he was suspicious about what was going on and became even more so after asking the person performing the sex act to say something and hearing nothing in response. The victim soon sat up, and the blindfold fell off, and once untied he confronted Ruccci and found no one else was in the hotel room. Seeing no one else, the victim allegedly asked where the third party was and if Rucci had performed the sex act, which he denied.

The victim left the hotel shortly thereafter. When police showed up at the hotel, according to the report, the investigation revealed Rucci had rented the room, and video surveillance showed the two men entering the room together and leaving around the same time. A female never came into the room, police reported.

Rucci allegedly admitted to performing a sex act on the victim to both the police and the victim himself. Rucci allegedly told the victim he’d “always been attracted” to him but knew nothing would happen had the victim not believed a girl was involved.

Rucci is charged with second- and fourth-degree sexual offenses, along with second-degree assault and perverted practice. He was released on his own recognizance.

Rucci shares an address with District 4 Commissioner Bobby Rucci. He is being represented by La Plata lawyer Hammad Matin who declined to comment for this story.