Rockville may get its turn in the TV spotlight -- Gazette.Net


Rockville may be getting ready for its closeup as the focus of a public television show that highlights communities around Maryland.

The city has been offered a chance to be featured on Maryland Public Television’s “Our Town” program.

Previous episodes of “Our Town” looked at Cumberland, Hagerstown and Chestertown, focusing on what makes each community unique through interviews with local residents and footage shot by people who live there.

The show requires an investment of $39,000 to shoot an episode, raised through donations from local businesses and other donors.

The Rockville Economic Development Inc. board recently sent a letter to Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton expressing a commitment to raise $5,000 for the production.

Other offers of donations also have been received.

Newton said at the mayor and council meeting Monday that she feels strongly the city will be able to raise the necessary money and should move forward with the production.

There was wide support on the council for pursuing the project. A proposal supporting Rockville’s participation and allocating $5,000 toward the production passed unanimously.

Councilwoman Beryl L. Feinberg said the program presents a chance to engage local stakeholders such as residents, business leaders and other community members.

Feinberg said she thought it was important for the city to pony up some cash for the production.

“If we are asking other organizations and individuals to step up to the plate, I think we have to do the same,” she said.

Production would likely start in September, with the show airing in September 2015.