Attacks on Foust misguided -- Gazette.Net


In response to Nancy Linton’s letter to the Editor (Weighing in on the 10th District Race, July 16) and Stacie Cayci’s letter to the Editor (Foust’s Claims Cross the Line, August 1) I would point out that neither Nancy Pelosi nor President Obama are on the ballot in November so to suggest that John Foust has made it clear that he will be a rubber stamp for them is the kind of smear campaign voters in the 10th District can expect. Obviously Comstock supporters don’t want to highlight her questionable voting record so they’ve resorted to the kind of “pit bull” tactics that brought her notoriety when she worked on Capitol Hill.

Mr. Foust is an independent thinker who has consistently taken moderate positions as Dranesville District Supervisor. Barbara Comstock on the other hand has talked a good talk to constituents here but votes against our best interests in Richmond.

John Foust is the kind of representative we need to replace Frank Wolf, not someone who voted against a bi-partisan budget bill brokered by Gov. McDonnel which increased funding for education and transportation. We need John Foust the moderate not Barbara Comstock the extremist.

Paul Westpheling, Vienna