Rockville schedules Pike Plan hearings -- Gazette.Net


Rockville residents will have several chances during the next few months to chime in on new plans for the Rockville Pike area.

The city’s mayor and City Council will hold four public hearings on the Rockville Pike Plan, which will lay out the city’s strategy for transforming a section of Md. 355 from an area dominated by automobiles into a pedestrian-friendly economic and cultural center.

The hearings will be held during the usual mayor and council meetings on Sept. 29, Oct. 27, Nov. 17 and Dec. 8.

The city is expected to schedule other forums and additional ways for residents and businesses to provide input.

The plan would turn Rockville Pike into a boulevard, with more cross streets and shorter blocks, traffic islands to separate through traffic from local traffic and building fronts moved closer to the roadway.

It also aims to create “complete streets” that can accommodate pedestrians, drivers, mass transit passengers and bicyclists.