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For many years, Nanjemoy resident William R. Greer Jr. had two career goals. The first was to command a brigade in the Maryland Army National Guard. The second was to continue practicing law as an attorney until his retirement.


Elvis Ward came from a humble Calvert County upbringing as a child of sharecroppers. With job prospects slim and no way to fund a college education, Ward found the U.S. Army was his way to be independent.

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At the Paris Caucus, which opened on March 15, 1919, more than 600 men from many different organizations, both enlisted and commissioned, entered deliberations, out of which was born the American Legion. Out of the 600-plus attendees, at least 11 have been positively identified as Marylanders.

Calvert Hospice is holding a Vet to Vet Volunteer Training on Monday, Nov. 6. Hospice is looking for veterans or active duty military members who would like to help honor veteran patients with salute ceremonies. The training will be held at the Burnett Calvert Hospice House located at 4559 S…