Billy Taylor, or William Wayne Lumsden, died in combat May 21, 1967, at the age of 19. He was taken in by Margaret and James Taylor, Sr., when he was about five days old. The family lived in Compton, Md., and Billy Taylor attended what was then Margaret Brent High School.

Recently, a couple of military veterans connected with the College of Southern Maryland took the time to sit down and talk about some of their experiences. They said they especially wanted to talk before Memorial Day to pay homage to the comrades they had lost.

During World War I, Army Sgt. William Butler charged a squad of Germans and overran their position “single-handedly” with an automatic weapon slung over his shoulder, freeing U.S. prisoners, and “taking some of his own,” according to a local historian from the Eastern Shore.

“Last summer my dad called me and said, ‘Guess what? They identified Grandpa’s body.’”

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Paul Cecil Hayden didn’t talk much about the war.

In honor of Memorial Day, both the Town of La Plata and the Town of Indian Head will host ceremonies on Wednesday, May 30, to honor those who have lost their lives while serving their country.

The name Stethem is well known to residents of Charles County, synonymous with baseball fields and schools and parks, and it was his ultimate sacrifice that paved the way for his life to carry on through the lives of children and parents throughout the area.