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Corona effect: Here's to doing our part to end the pandemic

So much for the old adage about the month of March: “in like a lion, out like a lamb.” One month ago life was still moving along pretty much like normal — school, work, meals, sleep, etc. Then, about midway through, what’s now known as the coronavirus pandemic finally, fully began interrupting our daily lives.

First businesses put up the don’t-forget-to-wash-your-hands signs, and bottles of hand sanitizer began mysteriously appearing. Then suddenly school was out for at least two weeks (now extended through most of April), and people with children had to immediately adjust their schedules.

Within a week or so of that announcement, businesses began encouraging telework, when possible. Some have had to close completely. Those deemed essential, particularly folks who sell food and medicine, needed to stay on the frontlines of their jobs for a higher purposes — to keep society alive, literally.

Now that the tumultuous month is in our collective rearview mirror, it may offer a chance to reflect on what’s next. Basically, it all depends on us.

We are being urged, rightfully so, to limit contact with anyone outside our immediate household family as much as possible. Don’t go food shopping every couple of days, like I used to, but instead get at least a week or two worth of food at a time to limit trips to the grocery.

As for sports — no soccer, lacrosse or baseball, or anything else that requires contact between people. Even tennis is suspect — although, one friend of mine is playing with a racquet in each hand to pick up the ball in hopes of avoiding any contamination with his volleying partner.

In short, life is much different than a month ago when the alleged “lion” of a month came in. We all need to do our parts for the next month or maybe longer, and that includes staying healthy as long as possible, checking in on our loved ones and friends, encouraging our kids to keep learning but still find some time for fun, and generally just being good people. That’s my plan, at least.

Oh, yeah, and as a special personal treat — today is my birthday. So, if you see me out and about today, don’t forget to wish me a … oh, right, I plan to be self-quarantined at home all day. That’s OK, it’s the thought that counts.

For readers who haven’t caught on yet, The Enterprise hatched a new column that started last week. Each of the five editorial folks here at the paper will take turns writing about a little bit of our own personal experiences dealing with the coronavirus and its far-reaching tentacles that poke and pick at just about every aspect of our lives. I’m No. 4 on the rotation, so stay tuned next week for Madison Bateman’s contribution before it starts again. We hope to end this column eventually, like a lamb, when this pandemic rides its course and life gets back to a “new normal.” For now, though, I hope everyone is enjoying our stories.

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