The total number of people confirmed to have been infected by the novel coronavirus in Charles County rose to 2,084 Wednesday morning, with 89 total deaths reported so far, according to the Maryland Department of Health.

Wednesday’s number was an increase from 2,067 from yesterday. The number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 since the pandemic began was reported as 89 on Tuesday.

The statewide number of confirmed cases stood Wednesday at 97,384, with 3,474 deaths from the disease. That was up from 96,843 cases on Tuesday and 3,467 deaths. The number of current hospitalizations — a key metric informing reopening decisions — reported to MDH was 488 on Wednesday compared to 529 Tuesday, a sharp decrease after showing a spike last week.

Around Southern Maryland, Calvert County stood Wednesday at 715 cases and 27 deaths so far, compared to 713 cases and 27 deaths on Tuesday, while St. Mary’s County checked in with 1,012 cases and 52 deaths, compared to 1,003 cases and 52 confirmed deaths in Tuesday’s reporting.

Prince George’s County, meanwhile, had 24,098 cases and 741 deaths as of Wednesday morning, compared to 24,009 Tuesday, with 738 deaths attributed to the virus up to that time. Prince George’s remains the county with the highest number of confirmed cases, with more than 5,000 more cases than the second leading county, Montgomery.

981,454 people have tested negative for the virus throughout the state as of Wednesday, up from 970,616 from Tuesday. The state’s testing volume rose to 1,503,630 on Wednesday, with 18,015 more tests available in the 24 hour period. Testing volume represents the static daily total of COVID-19 tests electronically reported; this count does not include test results submitted by labs and other clinical facilities through non-electronic means.

As of Wednesday’s statistics and testing capabilities, 3.61% of the state has tested positive for the virus, up from 3.54% since Tuesday morning. The percent positive rate is a seven day rolling average of positive results as a percentage of all tests.

Charles has tested an estimated 14.5% of all its citizens, while St. Mary’s has tested 14.5% of the population and Calvert has 12.1%. All three counties rank in the fourth quartile by jurisdiction of counties in the state.

Twitter: @RyanSoMdNews

Twitter: @RyanSoMdNews