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Two 7-Eleven stores close in Prince Frederick

In what Calvert County is calling “an extremely unusual situation,” two Prince Frederick 7-Eleven stores closed Wednesday, March 25, after an employee tested positive for the coronavirus.

Two store employees have been tested, a press release states. The first person, who identified herself on Facebook posts, was tested Saturday, March 21, but did not have test results back by Thursday morning.

A second employee of the store was then tested by a family doctor and got the result back on Wednesday, the press release states. That person tested positive for the virus.

The stores at 3675 Hallowing Point Road and 685 N. Prince Frederick Blvd. will be closed for 14 days (until April 9) per guidelines from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Adding to the confusion was an email about the 7-Eleven on Hallowing Point Road that the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office released to the public, which Sheriff Mike Evans (R) later said was done in error. “We apologize for any confusion,” Evans said in a March 23 Facebook post.

“It was a real mixup,” Calvert Commissioners President Kelly D. McConkey (R) said. “The Health Department said something was falsified. Bad information went out on Facebook that she tested positive.”

McConkey encouraged everyone not to believe everything that is posted on Facebook.

When asked about the situation, Calvert County Health Department Officer Dr. Larry Polsky declined to comment.

Polsky credited the owner of the stores and the 7-Eleven corporation for taking action to make sure the health of the public is the No. 1 priority.

Given the limited amount of direct contact most customers have in a convenience store, the potential for customers to have acquired coronavirus in either store is very low, the press release states.

However, customers who entered either store between March 12 and 25 are advised to contact their personal health care provider if they develop any respiratory symptoms or fever. Those with no symptoms should, over the next two weeks, take additional precautions of washing their hands frequently and may consider avoiding contact with people over age 60 and people of any age with weakened immune systems.

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