The Harmony Hall Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution will host genealogist Barbara Hays on Sunday, May 19, at the Fort Washington Forest Community Center, at 1200 Filmore Road.

Hays’ talk will explore the background for the push for independence in North America and the role of women authors in that effort. The significance of women became increasingly apparent as the colonies struggled for their independence. Women took charge of businesses and farms, defended their homes and gathered intelligence for the Patriots.

While writers like Thomas Paine wrote eloquently about freedom and liberty, other articles and plays published in colonial newspapers were authored by anonymous writers. Although half the population was female, writings by women make up only a small portion of the available literature on the American Revolution. There are, however, a number of published tracts seeking a woman’s perspective on the events of the era. Chapter members and visitors alike, will examine some of these anonymous writings and decide who wrote what.