The Gingerbread House Contest and Show allows contestants two opportunities to win prizes. The first is a chance to win with a panel of gingerbread judges. They judge based on strict criteria. This year’s winners with the judges were:

Adult entries: 1st, Michelle Howell ($100 prize); 2nd, Jamie Wisner ($75), 3rd, Anita Guit ($50). Child entries: 1st, Violet Stallings ($75); 2nd, Renee Lakner ($50); 3rd, Wyatt Hopkins ($25). Family entries: 1st, Muldowney Family ($75); 2nd, McClain-Hosman Family ($50); 3rd, Arigo Family ($25). Each receiver a ribbon marking them as 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers!