What are you doing at home now? I mean, since the jobs are closed — you cannot go to work. What about the children? Schools are still closed. Some entertainment and eating places are closed also.

Are you getting tired? Bored? Lazy? Gaining weight? Are you eating too much and some wrong foods? I know. I understand. I really miss life before COVID-19 came into my life.

You can exercise at home. You can do some pushups. You can do pushups by using your kitchen counter. You can do squats. Have some music playing. Turn on your radio, tape recorder or TV. Get others in your house involved, including the children. Have some fun. Do some dance steps. Laugh, clap your hands and keep moving.

Be sure to drink plenty of liquids and get plenty of rest. Remember to communicate with your family and friends. Do not lose contact with other people.

I walk outside, down my driveway, cross the street to get my newspaper and my mail daily. When cars drive by, I stop, wave and say hello. I sometimes meet the mail deliverer who stops to and we do a little talking. I always thank him or her for delivering my mail. I cover my nose and mouth, put a hat on my head, gloves on my hands and I carry or walk with my cane. And I remember to wash my hands several times a day as a good thing to do.

Kitchen lookouts

Did you notice any dirty spots in your kitchen? The dish rack should be cleaned once in a while. You may want. to put in the dishwasher once in a while or you can give it a good scrub. Check under your cabinets. There may be some crumbs or pieces of food that fell down there that you missed in your usual sweeping time.

I the stove, oven, toaster, micro oven need to be checked, too, and cleaned if necessary.

My walking time is missed as I used to go to the mall two or three times a week to walk. Cane in hand, before the businesses opened, I would take my time and walk as I enjoyed looking into the store windows.

After my walk, I sit in a chair in the food court to relax and rest. I would enjoy the company of the other people as we talked, laughed and ate. Sometimes when we honored people’s birthday or anniversary, we would talk about the places they visited. It was indeed fun and enjoyable.

Washington Post article

Recently there was an article in the Washington Post titled ‘Home.’ It explained that the word ‘home’ has a new meaning. It now means a work place, day care, school and gym. But it reminded us home is still a shelter place, “a sanctuary, a heaven.” It ended with #stayhome.