When you go to the grocery story, do you have on your mask to cover your mouth and nose? Do you wear gloves to protect your hands as you push the cart, sort through foods, papers or just looking at items as you walk down the aisles? Do you remember to keep protective distance from other people? Yes, it is important for you as you get items for you and your household.

Another thing to consider as you do your grocery shopping: Did you prepare a list of the items you are looking for to purchase when you get to the checkout counter? Do you buy items in bulk? Do you buy items on sale? Do you buy items that can be saved for later use? Do you buy items that have dates on them, whether it is dated for sale or good for use. Be sure to check these important dates on your foods that you plan to pick, purchase and take home.

Some very good items to buy in the food section of the grocery store are canned projects. These items may have a longer date and may not spoil. Frozen foods are also an excellent food item to buy. Be sure to get them home and in the proper place for keeping them eatable. Some frozen food items, such as meats, can be put into containers in portions that you will use later. Remember, when you decide to buy those special deli meats, be careful to check the date; think about when you plan to eat them.

Do not forget to purchase personal items that are also very important to have on your shopping list, such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo and other health items. These items typically do not spoil.

When buying paper goods, such as toilet tissue, paper towels, trash bags, etc., remember these items can last a long time. Yes, there are a lot of things that you need, things that you use sometimes daily and you can buy them, sometimes on sale, sometimes in big quantities and sometimes they catch your eyes as you walk through the store getting other things.

Weather — Here it comes

Yes, it has been hot and it continues to get hot. Good vacation weather. Good traveling down the highway weather. Good beach weather. Also, good “stay in your own backyard for a barbecue” weather.

Be careful as we are expecting to get more rain, plenty of rain. Yes, storms, lightning and strong winds. Be sure that you have the necessary foods and drinks as well as medicine as well as a safe place away from windows, perhaps in a lower part of your home. This will be safer for you, your family and, of course, your special pets.

TV Time

Being at home with the family has more to be considered because TV shows are not what some of us are seeing. What about sports: basketball, football, baseball, boxing and some other shows that have made some changes. Yes, some sports are still being played and shown on TV.

You can still see the players, but no people filling the seats — laughing, yelling, jumping up and down, enjoying the sight of their favorite teams playing. It is still good to see. Don’t forget to keep your snacks and drinks nearby!

A lot of the other TV shows are not on or they are showing shows that were on earlier this year. Some of those programs were on months, or even years, ago. So turn on your TV, get a good seat and put your snacks and drinks nearby as you enjoy some time at home with your family watching TV.