What are YOU doing? The July weather is great, many 90-plus degree days, some rain and heavy winds.

It gets dark after 8 p.m. and the sun peeks through the windows around 6 a.m.

Grocery stores’ shelves are full of food, and there is a good selection to pick from.

Gas prices are still nice and low, some just over two dollars.

But traffic is beginning to pick up. Streets, highways, Beltway still full of fast drivers.

Are you still staying home? Do you wear a mask to cover your nose and mouth? Do you have extended space between you and other nearby persons? It is July and have you planned a summer vacation? Well enjoy! Good luck!

Birthday celebration

What a surprise. A recent birthday celebration for Evelyn Perry was indeed a treat. Varella Bruce, Evelyn’s sister, was a happy preparer at this ice cream birthday party where friends and family members came for a wonderful birthday party in spite of the 90-plus degree day.

On the lawn there were chairs for people to sit in as we enjoyed the food and each others’ company.

The table was decorated with a happy birthday sign.

And thoughtful Evelyn Perry recognized and let others know that there were several other people there who had June birthdays. She put a headpiece on the heads of birthday people; her sister, Priscilla Jones, birthday June 1, and Toni Perry, her daughter-in-law, birthday June 29.

The guests joined in singing “Happy Birthday” to all of them, and then sat down to enjoy the birthday cake and ice cream.

Evelyn then said Zach Cross’ birthday was July 4.

Other people who were there, Evelyn’s family and friends, were Veronica Martin, James Perry IV, James Perry, Lisa Jones, Kevin Cross, Simone Perry, Nile Perry, Malcolm Blue, Brenda Cross, William H. Cross and Shelia Watkins. Everyone received a cute, small basket which had gifts in them from Evelyn.

Happy anniversary from John and Towanda Jones, July 4.

Happy birthday to Zachery Cross, July 4, and Brittany Buo, July 7.

July is National Hot Dog Month and Natural Ice Cream Month. July 4 was Independence Day.

One of the flavors of ice cream is strawberry; how about a laugh now:

Why did the baby strawberry cry?

Because his mom was in a jam!

How about this one:

What did one bee say to the other bee on a hot summer day?

‘Swarm, isn’t it?