Recently, Joseph Davis got into his automobile as he was driving south to Orlando, Fla. He was leaving from Hyattsville with Debra Adkins in this planned trip to spend some time with family and friends down there. He said that they stopped at several places to eat delicious foods.

In Florida, he said “We stayed at a hotel and spent some very good time at the beach. One of the best times was at Cortex Beach.” We ate one time on the time of the roof at a dining area. At the beach, he collected a bag full of sea shells because he liked to match shells to keep. They also went to a casino.

They visited his aunt, Desiree Cross and his sister, Jacqueline Davis who live in Bradenton, Fla. His Aunt Desire made a very special chicken dish which everyone ate and enjoyed. They were reminded that Joe and Debra had announced their engagement recently and said plans for the wedding information would be announced later.

Desiree Cross and Sackie Davis both got into the car driven by Joe Davis for the fourteen and a half hour ride north to Maryland. They stopped for gas and some delicious foods to eat, including enjoying some Maryland steamed crabs. Desiree was traveling to visit her family and friends in Upper Marlboro, Howard County, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.. She made a trip to Baltimore where she once lived and worked at the Social Security building. While in D.C. they saw the Black Lives Matters Plaza and took a trip on the Metro for a sightseeing trip.

Miss Cross enjoyed the drive to Cedar Hill Cemetery in Suitland where family members, her parents, sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members are buried. Her next trip was to Cheltenham, to the Cheltenham Cemetery, on Route 301 South, in Cheltenham to visit the burial sites for her brother and a friend.

Miss Cross had a very, very busy schedule while here. She attended the Ebenezer AME Church Women’s Retreat and Restoration Conference. She said, “It was great seeing everybody, lots of tears and traffic whenever i was driving.”

Miss Cross added that she enjoyed the weather here and appreciated her family and friends homes. The trip back to Florida was by airplane.

It’s now June

June is here— weather changes, getting hot with some rain, thunderstorms, lighting and some flooding on roads and streets as well in some yards and driveways. And, daylight is earlier and day time is longer with night time getting shorter. But, it is indeed good to be able to get up to the sunlight, especially to be able to walk or jog earlier. But, did you see it, the new moon, on the annual solar eclipse, on June 10, 2017.

June Special Days

Birthdays for June include on 19, Gloria Jefferson-Diggs and Priscilla Jones; the 8th, Towanda Jones; and the 17th, Kenneth Cantu.

Remember Mother’s Day, May 9, 2021, as it always is and always will be a very special day. I received some beautiful thoughtful, love cards as well as telephone calls from my children, granddaughter, sisters, brothers, The First Baptist Church of Deanwood members, neighbors and friends.

But the biggest surprise was a special package in the mail that contained a beautiful blue tee shirt with large white and gold printed letters that said, “Mom, John and Lisa, Grandma Brittany, Great-Grandma Malik-Sophia-Sebastina. She also had a Mother’s Day and some ice cream.

Then, a few weeks later my daughter Lisa came again to my house carrying four large colorful decorated birthday balloons, a decorated birthday cake with my name on it and some ice cream. Yes, Yes, again, and again, thanks to everyone.