The Reverend Doctor Olivia Hilton, Priest-in-Charge at Trinity Episcopal Church said, “At the end of March we started Zoom where we had worship services on the Internet.” Services were held mid-day on Wednesdays and morning for Sunday Worship Services. Members were asked to drink a cup of coffee an hour before the worship service. And, you could see one another on the computer.

Mother Olivia, the name which she likes to be called, stated there are many activities still going on. The food bank distributes food to people who drive to the church up the driveway to pick up food. There is also help for cats, food for cats and they are also giving dogs as pets to people. Older people meet as a group on Zoom.

She said Vacation Bible School will be different this year. The VBS to be held in August will give the children a box which will contain materials, such as games, that they can take home with them to enjoy and share with their family members.

Mother Olivia said, “We are trying to be safe, but we are very happy to connect by Zoom or by our home phone where they can connect to worship. They can listen to the service.”

She further stated, “The building is closed but the church is open; the church is the members of the congregation and is still active.”

She mentioned that with respect to a family, a recent funeral was held on Zoom.

Trinity Episcopal Church is located at 14515 Church Street, Upper Marlboro, Md.. It’s mission statement is: “We are a diverse Christian community united by faith... We seek to share His love with one another, the community, and all of God’s creation.”

Riding down the road

Mrs. Blanche Walker enjoyed her trip down the road although traffic was very heavy. She was going to Woodbridge, Va., to visit her daughter, Avis Walker-Bull and her son-in-law, James Bull, who was busy building a sun deck.

She is now looking to another, wonderful day in her life, July 31, when she will be 86 years old. Happy, happy birthday!