The Arts & Letters Committee of the Baltimore Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. presented the Spirit in the Arts program at Huber Memorial Church Life Center at 5700 Loch Raven Blvd. in Baltimore. The program was held on Saturday, May 19, to raise funds to support programs that “emphasize scholastic achievement, higher academic student development and community service.” The Spirit in the Arts program addresses the sorority’s “community concerns regarding excellence in education, college preparation, service learning, and community empowerment.”

Minister Ryan Turner, master of ceremony, kept the program moving smoothly and presented the participants. On the program were: Patsy Nwagbaraocha, president of the Baltimore Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter, and Rebecca Lee, both as soloists; The Rev. Robert Richards, comedian; and Corinthia Cromwell and Torens Johnson, dancers. The wonderful program ended with Kelly Scott, co-chair of the Arts & Letters Committee, introducing the special guests, Destiny Road with Jonathan Ball. The welcome was given by Sharon Webb, co-chair of the Arts & Letters Committee. Two scholars were mentioned: Olivia Adams, who was present, and Destiny Brown, who was absent. I attended this event as a guest of my sister, Desire Cross, a graduate of Morgan College and a member of this organization. This event is presented each year for people to come out, enjoy and bring some of their friends. Next year’s program is scheduled to take place on May 20.

Let’s get fit

It is not too late to take care of your body even though it is almost the end of this special month. May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. There is plenty of fun and programs all around Prince George’s County for everyone to enjoy life, live and play more. There are several parks, facilities and community centers with plenty of free and low cost fitness programs which can help each of us to get up, put on the right clothes, get to the site and have some fun as you help your body. We are glued to our computers for many hours daily just doing some things that we think are important. Did you know that sitting for more than three hours a day “contributes to an increased risk for chronic disease such as cancer, heart disease, obesity and even depression,” which is affecting many Americans and costing lots of money to pay for our health care? There are some programs especially designed for senior citizens. Check the local hospitals, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, the Department of Parks and Planning, Prince George’s Community College and even some local churches. Good luck!

The warm temperatures, such as we experience in this month, make us apt to sneezing because of seasonal pollens. Take steps to stop sneezing and wheezing such as washing your hands often with soap and water, bathing and hair washing, limiting your outdoor activities, taking medications and doing any other helpful thing you can do. Also remember to take care of your eyes by wearing sunglasses, getting an eye exam, quitting smoking and doing other things to help you not only for this special month but also for your healthful day-to-day living.

Graduation time approaches

Yes, seniors everywhere are happy, glad to be on the list of students who will be completing high school and are looking forward to more education by attending college. Get the help you need as you think about what you have in mind for your future life. Get to know where you can get the education you want, what you can afford and what the area best suited for you is. Hopefully, you have been planning for this experience, taken good steps and met with people, including your parents, relatives and friends who have directed and helped you to make a good choice. Good luck, again!