The Marlton Pool located in the Marlton Development at 8410 Wexford Drive in Upper Marlboro is open for the first two weekends in June from noon to 8 p.m. After Prince George’s County Schools close for the school year, this pool will be open daily, beginning on June 15. This nonprofit community pool is run by “a hard-working board made up of community members and neighbors.” You can purchase a day pass for $48. Season passes for individuals and families are also available. There are lanes available for lap swimming and the pool pavilion is also available for small parties. The Kingfish Swim Team calls this pool home. Last year, they, in competition, won the Princemont Swim League award. The weather is getting hot; lots of sunshine, high temperatures and longer daylight make the pool a good way for you and your family to enjoy some outing. For more information, you can contact Marlton Pool at

Weight Watchers meeting

Weight Watchers meetings are held at Trinity Episcopal Church located at 14515 Church St. in Upper Marlboro. The meetings are held at the church every Wednesday evening at 6 p.m.

If you want or need more information, you can call 301-627-2636 or go to

Ride down memory lane

How would you like to go see some beautiful classic cars of yesterday? The Camp Spring Senior Activity Center extends an invitation to ride down memory lane where there will be some cars of yesteryear on the rear lot at the center. This is a free event but you must have a M-NCPPC Senior ID Card for the event. The display will be from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Friday, June 7.

You will see old cars, perhaps a ’40 Chevy Coupe, a ’47 Oldsmobile Fast-back or a ’95 Corvette Convertible, which are just a few of the cars that are scheduled to be on display. Camp Springs Senior Activity Center is located at 6420 Allentown Road in Camp Springs where the telephone number there is 301-449-0490.

Wellness on wheels

The Mobile Health Clinic sponsored by the Prince George’s County Health Department and Doctors Community Hospital will offer free health services at Camp Springs Senior Activity Center. On Tuesday, July 2, and Tuesday, Aug. 2, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., there will be free screenings for diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure. This Wellness On Wheels program will have help for you about your medication and education for your health.

Be prepared

It is June, the sixth month on our calendar which we do indeed welcome. It is the time to remember to take care of our grass, mow as necessary and remove weeds. Yes, some of us are looking forward to the time to plant not only flowers and shrubs, but also some good vegetables. We welcome the temperature rising, making our days so much warmer and giving us early morning sun rises and late moon viewings.

But we must be aware and ready for the winds, rains and storms that come to the area this time of year. Yes, the weatherman had put us on notice to let us know that the tornado season is just around the corner. Be prepared. Keep yourself, your family and your surroundings safe. Wear proper clothes. Keep umbrellas handy. Have food that can be easily prepared if necessary. Have plenty of liquids available, especially water. Plan driving when it is necessary, but if you are driving, be very careful for you and other drivers who are out there, too. Be sure you have enough gas, good tires and other things that will make your trip better. The clouds, winds, rain and sometimes “balls of snow/water” can be dangerous. Good luck!